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Mobil 1 The Grid, 2016

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As the 2016 motorsport season gathers pace, Mobil 1 The Grid is pleased to announce the launch of a brand new website for the year ahead.

Designed with a fresh new look and syncing with our Mobil 1 The Grid YouTube channel, the new website will now be easier to use, easier to navigate and will feature more content than ever before.

As usual, we’ll be showcasing all the best video features from the TV show, as well as providing a host of written articles, competitions and downloadable poster content.

On the writing side, we’ll be featuring some of the biggest names from the world of motorsport, including Craig Scarborough, Jennie Gow, Lee Spencer and John Hindhaugh, all of whom will be writing exclusively and regularly for

And for the first time, we’ll also be featuring guest articles written exclusively by the drivers themselves.

Finally, we’ve also changed our Twitter handle, so please follow us @Mobil1TheGrid.

Thanks for watching…

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